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EDMUND MEYER - Valencia Lakes Wuiauma 

Edmund Meyer Valencia Lakes /Wimauma FL

INCREDIBLE HOLIDAY PERFORMANCE by Lou Villano as Paul Anka presented by
The VL Italian American Club.

What more can be said for a very seasoned entertainer who not only has a great voice but the ability to take his audience on a journey of the amazing career of Paul Anka and making you think you are seeing the real Paul Anka. This is what our audience was treated to with his live 3-piece band.

Mr. Villano is a consummate entertainer who can command the stage bringing some of the finest compositions of Paul Anka to life.

The presentation was also done with multi-Media video with Frank Sinatra on the screen. This led the audience into a standing ovation of Anka's huge Hit "My Way that was written for Sinatra".


JOE CAPOZZI (Journalist / Writer)- Feb. 05,2023 BOCA BLACK BOX - Terrific show, Lou! My wife and I were really blown away!

SHARYN TEITEL SKOLNICK - Feb. 05, 2023 BOCA BLACK BOX - Amazing show today as usual. Your band was great. Joan and I really had a great time. 

ED CLEMON - Feb. 05, 2023 BOCA BLACK BOX - My Way may have been written for Frank but it definitely belonged to you this afternoon. What a way to finish a fantastic show. Thank you thank you THANK YOU. Your music is a gift to all who see you perform.

MARTIN ROSEN - Jan 18, 2023 - South Florida Basketball Assoc. - I wanted to thank you for coming to the SFBA Luncheon today to recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem. When I first came-up with the idea of opening our program with a "Salute to America " several months ago, I intuitively knew you would be a great choice to sing since your performances on Facebook convinced me that you are a great performer. You were fabulous today and truly inspiring. You literally set the perfect  tone to kick-off our program. I also have to compliment you for not even blinking when I asked you, on the spur of the moment, if you could recite the Pledge. You are a true professional⭐️⭐️⭐️! Lou I watched your video's and I have to say you sound as good as Paul Anka and you look very similar to him.  Almost had me fooled.  Can't wait to catch your show at The Boca Black Box.  

KINGS POINT - The Palace Theater - May 14,2022 - Alan Kushner - Tremendous talent. Thank you!!, Lynne Sher - Absolutely awesome - Awesomeshow!; Irma Gould - Fabulous evening very entertaining.

Abby C. Koffler ,VP Entertainment  -Cenvill Recreation, Inc. - Nov. 12th, 2021 - Your new Promo - It’s fabulous, Barry and Ilene did an amazing job but of course they had a real professional artist to work with.  From the bottom of my heart I truly wish you huge success for what the future I know will bring.  You are a true gentleman, talent and a pleasure to work with.

RAINBERRY BAY 21st CENTURY CLUB - Aug. 28th, 2021 Yvonne - Last night's Paul Anka Tribute was Fabulous.  Lou VIllano sounded as much like Paul & what a voice !! He personalized Paul & with original video's of Paul, his personal stories of meeting infamous celebrities like Sinatra, Dean, Sammy Davis, Jr. & more, made the night so much more entertaining. It's amazing how many hundreds of songs & jingles Paul wrote during his lifetime, and stayed so humble throughout it. Some songs I had forgotten until last night. Brought back my childhood . SWEET 

Geri Diamond - EDGEWATER@BOCA POINTE - Mar. 9th, 2021 - Thanks so much for bringing Lou Villano to us.  He was quite entertaining with a very special way of making all his music full of sound, lots of rhythm and happiness. I hardly sat still dancing in my seat.  In only one of his songs did I slow down but that did not take away from the great job he did singing it.  Lou is loaded with talent and really feels his music as he performs for us.  He hardly stops a minute entertaining his audience; and his information which he shares with the residents is very informative and adds to the enjoyment of his presentation. I am surprised that we had not seen him before at Edgewater.  Lou is also a lot fun to watch on stage, and he asks and does get audience participation. 

Carole Lear Marcus - TEMPLE ANSHEI SHALOM - VIRTUAL SHOW Dec. 16,2020 - You are absolutely the best.  We can't "THANK YOU" enough for coming and sharing your incredible talent with us.  The lucky people who got to see the show just can't wait to see you on the stage once this Covid goes away. You really did us a big favor by kicking off the season.  As I told you last night, you get better and better - who needs Paul Anka????? not me!!!

Ronni Kulla Rosen - Virtual Show - Century Village - Oct. 17, 2020 - Lou no surprise to this fan...Enjoyed it so much again virtually from CV even though the others were live. Just didn’t get to see you in person to tell you AGAIN how terrific you always are!

Robert Freedman - CBS Entertainment Chair, Temple Beth Shalom, Tampa Mar. 7,2020: Hi Lou: I just wanted to drop you a short note to say a BIG Thank You for a terrific performance for our attendees at the Congregation Beth Shalom Gala.  It was one terrific set.  And I think Paul Anka didn't come up because he didn't want people shouting at him--He's Better Than You! Seriously, I heard many people make that comment so you to say the least, wowed them. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job for us and helping to make our event complete and outstanding.

Mike White - CBS Entertainment Chairs Ruth Echerd Hall, Tampa Mar. 7,2020: Thank you so much for your energy, passion and help to create an extremely successful fundraiser for our synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom in Clearwater, Florida. It was a packed full house and everyone had a wonderful and fun evening.  Lou, thank you so much for your extra effort coming up here for a rehearsal because the results sure showed it and we loved the way you worked the crowd for your songs that you selected from your Paul Anka Tribute Show. You with Alan Feinman and his band seemed like you had worked together for years. The CEO of Ruth Eckerd Hall was singing right along with you and loved your performance.

Angelo Perrone Lexington Club, Delray Beach Dec. 14, 2019: You did great Lou!...great reviews...the best comment was “I have lived here for 30 years and it was the best show ever” Thanks Lou and your band for sharing your talent!

Ike & Paulette Reeves Sept 28th THE VENU Boynton Beach: To hell with James Brown, YOU are the hardest working man in the business, hands down! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your show last night, start to finish! Two straight hours with no intermission - you certainly give the audience their money's worth and much more. The band was great too and so were all the extras- the videos, the lighting cues and the pace was great as well. Your narratives were engaging and perfectly timed.

Wendy Roderman Sugarman Sept 28th, 2019 THE VENU Boynton Beach: It was my first time at the Venu and your show made me a fan. I've seen Paul Anka several times and you knocked his show out of the park....right down to the Jenny Craig remark!

Doug Brainard chairman of the Community Events Committee Heritage Hills Clermont Fl - March 23rd, 2019: Posted on FaceBook to the agency Tin Pan Alley Productions - John Timpanelli, President - Just a quick note to tell you that Lou Villano put on one heck of a show at Heritage Hills this past Saturday night. I received nothing but positive comments from those in attendance how much they enjoyed the show. Thank you so much for providing truly a professional act in the entertainment business.

Paul Clinton - Paradise Island Mobile Home - Largo, Fl. - Nov. 10th, 2018 - Just a "Thank You" to let you know how much we loved your show.  The overwhelming majority of people loved it and would like to have you back again.  Per your comment to me we should skip a year and then have you again.  So with that in mind we will be in contact with you in the near future. Thank you again for a great tribute to Paul Anka.

Tess La Bella - Boca Black Box - Nov. 7th, 2018 - It was wonderful meeting you tonight. I can’t tell you how much my husband Freddi and I appreciated your enormous talent. Listening to you sing was just pure JOY!! Don’t be a stranger. We live in Boynton Beach and truly would love to invite you as we discussed when Legends does one of its events and dinner singing with Rob Russell. Once again, the tears you brought to me were happy tears. So happy to know such a wonderful man. Hugs Tess And Freddi

Marsha Decker Social Director for The Grove in Boynton Beach - Oct. 20th, 2018 - Hello Lou, I just wanted to once again express my thanks for a fantastic show Saturday night.  You were outstanding!  Your performance was so full of energy and the music right on !!!!!. I am getting rave reviews from all who attended.

Yvonne Powell Entertainment Director Kings Point - Sun City Center, FL. - Oct. 16th, 2018 - Great show - nice to meet you and entire band last night and my great pleasure to introduce the show they loved you - You will definitely be back.

Sharyn Teitel Skolnick - April 7th, 2018 - “You did an excellent show tonight at Century Village, Boca and deserved the standing ovation!!!!!   Paul Anka is my favorite singer and it was just like seeing and hearing him perform.  I know my husband asked you about the song "Do I Love You", maybe next time.

Jeanne & Steve Sternberg - Boca Black Box Feb.18, 2018 Paul Anka Songbook Tribute - Lou got to tell you, we have seen you perform maybe a dozen times over the last few years, by far your show today at The Black Box was the best. Jeanne and I and all your committee friends are so proud of the direction you have taken. Look forward to seeing your work many more times.

Carole Lear Marcus from Anshei After Dark: Jan. 10, 2018 Paul Anka Songbook Tribute - "Many thanks to Lou Villano for an amazingly fabulous show last night. Your talent is incredible, and over 500 people just loved you & your Paul Anka Show. Thanks for such a special evening".

Jeff Eats - "South Florida's Best Mom & Pop Food Joints" reviews The Hits of Paul Anka Live Show from The Black Box Theater in Boca Raton.  (click here to read the review)

Livia Friedman from Jupiter: Jan. 29th, 2017:  Lou knocked it out of the ballpark as Paul Anka at the Boca Black Box. Bravo, outstanding performance - Lou was at his very best as Paul Anka and the band was pure gravy! Super performance by all.

Jay Shaprio - Fishtales on 33rd Ft. Lauderdale:  Lou Villano puts on one hell of a show!! Probably the best Paul Anka Tribute Performer in the United States. Fishtales is the spot to be on Monday Night in Ft Lauderdale!! At this performance Lou performed the classic Frank Sinatra song: I did it my way! In the audience with me was Khalilah Ali the wife of Muhammad Ali and Lou walked out into the crowd to give her a kiss, and shake hands with many in the audience. Great performance!! 

Leslie Sue Partington: "We saw Lou Villano last night (Nov. 19, 2016) at The Shriner's Dinner - Hollywood, FLORIDA) , this performer is GREAT!!"

Barry Pearlstein - Jupiter: Barolo's Ristorante Nov. 9, 2016:  Lou, you certainly put on a great show. The smaller venue led to a warmer atmosphere and a better communication with the audience. We all had a fabulous time. This morning on the tennis courts, some of the guys echoed those very thoughts. They all enjoyed the evening.
Claire Sable Philadelphia Club July 10, 2016:  Saw you this morning performing at the Philadelphia Club. thought you were fantastic and put you on facebook with your song "You are my Destiny". Can't wait to see you perform again. Can you give me your schedule for here in this part of Florida. Thank you. You are terrific.

Dick Robinson & Legends Radio 100.3FM gives a "GREAT" review on air of Lou Villano and his talent - Nov. 28th, 2015   - (click on link)

PALM BEACH POST ARTICLE May 29, 2014 & PALM BEACH LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE  June 2014 (click the article link)

PRESS RELEASE ARTISTPR by reviewer John Mahoney - (clcik on link)
This review was written Feb. 12th, 2012 as Lou introduced his first CD reviews Lou Villano's CD "Dreams Do Come True". - (click on link)
Published December 28th, 2011 - Writer / Reviewer: Jacobs PR

Julie Budd, one of the most respected female singers in the business says this about Lou, "You are a fabulous singer - a MAJOR TALENT."  Reviewer Janice Zamsky from Boca Raton said, "What a talented showman extraordinaire." Comedienne Wendy Liebman said, 'It was great to work with you Lou, your show was fabulous and you're such a great performer."

Coco Wood Lakes, Delray Beach (2/23/13): "Dear Lou, You belted it out of the park Saturday night at Coco Wood Lakes and our audience loved it!  Thanks so much for the GREAT PERFORMANCE.  We really enjoyed having you and look forward to a repeat in the future.  Sincerely Pat Babcock "Club Coco Chair." 

Sal Macaluso, President Italian American Club of Platina:  "Just want to say that you did a great job. I've been President for almost 11 years and never have I seen my members give a standing ovation to an entertainer, and also tell me that we have never had an entertainer as good as you. So for myself and my members thank you very much."

Charlotte Roth, President, Pines of Delray Women's Club: "The feedback I received from the ladies was excellent.  All those in attendance commented "you were terrific. I would highly recommend you".